Olaniyi Goriola

General Manager of IDEWALES GROUP, Lagos.
The coordinator, Bless A Child Ministry (BLISS & FIRE Network) Lagos, Nigeria.

He has a sound technical background and was trained to be a Builder. He proceeded to acquired IT skills, and was also trained as a Graphics Designer, with over 10 years of experience. God as deposited so much in him. He enjoys talking to people who are down emotionally, and he is gifted with a spirit to encourage, inspire and motivates others. He lives by God’s word that commanded us to love our neighbors just the way we have loved our self, for GOD is LOVE. He coordinate the Bliss & Fire Network “Bless A Child Ministry” in Lagos; with a mission to assist the handicap; orphan, special needs and HIV infected children by reaching out to support them financially, providing shelter, foods and handicap equipments.

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